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ArtWorks 2 features (3) - transparency

Crystal - transparency in ArtWorks

The Crystal tool in ArtWorks 2 gives you control over transparency. It offers three different types of transparency (Mix, Stained glass, Bleach). Any object can be applied a transparency level between 0% and 100% - shapes, sprites, JPEGs, text lines, text areas, etc.

Crystal Info Bar

The Crystal Info Bar: Choose a transparency type (in this case, Mix transparency) from the menu and drag the slider to apply a transparency level to the selected object(s). The Display button controls whether the current document is displayed with transparency.

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Example image 1: Glass screen and balls
Glassball thumbnail

Many thanks to Henk Huinen for creating this file! This image was exported from ArtWorks as a 16M colour sprite and then converted to JPEG format. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of this image.

Example image 2: Transparency types
Transparency types thumbnail

This image shows the famous ArtWorks apple with four transparent ellipses on top that demonstrate the three different types of transparency provided by Crystal: Stained glass simulates the effect of viewing the underlying objects through stained glass (subtractive colour mix). Bleach simulates the effect of a coloured spotlight (additive colour mix). Mix transparency averages between the colours. All the ellipses have a transparency of around 50%.

Example image 3: Cheers!
Cheers! thumbnail

This file was created by Henk Huinen to show what is possible with Crystal!

Screenshot 4: Group transparency

Group transparency means that a whole group can be made transparent rather than making each individual object in the group transparent, as most other graphics programs do (e.g., Xara X). In ArtWorks, you have got the choice!

Apples This example shows three transparent copies of the famous ArtWorks apple. Most other programs would display each of the many objects the apple consists of transparent which would result in a confusing mess of overlapping transparent objects.
Screenshot 5: Soft glow around transparent text
screenshot 5 This example has a JPEG as background. On top of it, there is some transparent text with a soft transparent glow around it. This was achieved by blending from a thick black outline towards a thin white outline and using "Bleach" transparency. This achieves a graduated transparency effect.

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