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ArtWorks 2 features (3) - SVG export

Finally, there is a reliable cross-platform solution for transferring vector graphics data. After many years of being confined to outdated and limited EPS output filters, ArtWorks 2 allows you to transfer your ArtWorks illustrations to Windows and Mac applications using the new SVG format, a platform independent internet standard. A free SVGViewer browser plug-in for Windows, MacOS and Linux is available from the Adobe web site.

In contrast to the proprietory, diverging and undocumented EPS dialects traditionally used by graphics applications for file transfer, the SVG format is tightly specified and documented, thus allowing the many details in an ArtWorks file to be represented in a much more reliable way.

SVG export allows you to export your documents including bitmaps and editable text (even text on a curve), so it can be further edited in the target application. Advanced features like arrowheads, dynamic replications, pattern-fills and (Mix only) transparency are supported.

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AW file in ArtWorks AW file in SVGViewer
Some text and a graduated background in ArtWorks. The exported SVG file in SVGViewer under Windows. The text is still editable.
AW file in ArtWorks AW file in SVGViewer
The ArtWorks Viewer Startup screen in ArtWorks with graduated fills and text areas. The exported SVG file in SVGViewer under Windows. Again, the text is still editable.
The SVG export dialogue box.

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