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XChars - an advanced character picker


  • 27-Apr-05: new!XChars 1.24 released (stability bug fix, users are advised to upgrade).
  • 23-Apr-05: XChars 1.23 released (minor changes, configurable zoom window position).
  • 21-Apr-05: XChars 1.22 released allowing you to save character glyphs as Draw files.
  • 05-Feb-03: XChars 1.20 released with encodings support and several other improvements and bug fixes.
  • 22-Nov-02: XChars 1.10 released. This is a 32-bit compatible version, which is otherwise largely identical to 1.07.
  • 27-Feb-01: XChars 1.07 released. This new version allows you to re-open the most recently closed window by clicking ADJUST on the icon bar icon and it has an option to display character codes in hexadecimal notation.

Name XChars
Purpose Advanced character picker
Author Martin Würthner
Requires RISC OS 3.1 or higher, 32-bit SharedCLib
Status FreeWare
Version 1.24 (27-Apr-2005)
Name XChars
Purpose Advanced character picker
Author Martin Würthner
Requires RISC OS 3.1 or higher
Status FreeWare
Version 1.07 (27-Feb-2001)

About XChars

XChars is a replacement for the Chars utility that comes with RISC OS. It offers a host of additional features: proper outline font support at arbitrary font sizes, many user-defined display options, configurable hot keys for character insertion, a character zoom box, a hotlist for fonts including the complete set of options used to display them, saving of character glyphs as Draw files, etc.

By the way: For quite some time, a slightly older version of XChars has been distributed as the new standard RISC OS character picker as part of RISC OS Select.

XChars screenshot

Download section

XChars icon Download XChars 1.24 (32-bit compatible, requires new CLib) new! Iyonix OK
Older version for those who do not want to install the new CLib:
XChars icon Download XChars 1.07 (26-bit only)
XChars alt icon Download an alternative application sprite for XChars 1.07 (designed by Andy George)

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