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ArtWorks 2 features (6) - graduated transparency

Graduated transparency in ArtWorks 2.3

The Crystal tool added transparency to ArtWorks. ArtWorks 2.3 comes with a far more powerful version of this tool offering graduated transparency, graduation profiles and profile offset control.

Crystal Info Bar

The new Crystal Info Bar: You can now choose between three transparency shapes (Flat, Linear, and Radial) in addition to choosing the transparency type and you can control the start and end transparency levels. The button next to the transparency shape pop-up menu icon opens the graduation profile dialogue box.

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Example image 1: Graduation profiles
graduation profile preview

Different graduation profiles in action.

Example image 2: Soft balls
graduation profile preview

The text "Hi" is simply made of 19 identical overlapping circles, each having a graduated fill and radial transparency. Even though the design looks more like something you would normally create using the airbrush tool in a photo retouching package, it is still fully vector based.

Example image 3: 3-colour fill
graduation profile preview

The 3-colour fill of the star was created by putting a copy of the star with a graduated fill from blue to red and graduated transparency on top of the original with a solid yellow fill.

Example image 4: Blended bitmaps
graduation profile preview

This example shows three blended bitmaps. The two bitmaps in the background were blended using linear transparency, the red blossom uses radial transparency (with a profile offset). You could achieve the same in a photo retouching package but in ArtWorks, the three bitmaps are still independent objects that you can move around individually.

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Last modified: 20-Oct-04