Save menu

Documents can be saved in a variety of different formats which are detailed below.

Choosing Save without opening the submenu saves the document with its existing pathname. If the document has never been saved the Save dialogue will appear.


Choose Document to save a complete copy of the current document to disc. Note: Pressing F3 followed by Enter or clicking Adjust on the Save button is a short-cut if you want to re-save a document in the same place. To save a document for the first time, open a window on a directory display where you want to save it, then drag the document icon to the window. Subsequent saves can be made by clicking the Save button.

Click the Selection option icon to save a copy of the contents of the current selection to disc. If no selection is made the button will be dimmed.

If a picture is selected by itself clicking Selection will show an icon for the appropriate file type for the picture, Draw, Paint, JPEG etc.


Choose Text to save just the text of an EasiWriter document. Documents saved in this way will have no information regarding styles, fonts, formats or graphics. Use text to transfer entire documents to other applications that can read text only documents.

Click the Selection option icon to limit the text that is saved to the selection.

Documents saved in this way can be dragged directly into other applications.

The Choices dialogue can be used to control the line length, end of paragraph codes etc.


Choose Stationery to make a copy of any document that can be used as a template to create new documents.


Choose Word to export a document in MS Word format.

Any graphics imported from a Word document will be exported in their original format. If ImageFS2 is loaded, EasiWriter will attempt to use it to convert graphics to 'bitmap' format.

Area as Draw

Choose Area as Draw to drag over an area in the document and save it as a Draw file.


Choose HTML to export a document as an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) document.


Choose Postscript from the Save menu to save the document as a Postscript file that can be downloaded directly to a postscript device such as a printer or typesetter. Before use you must have a postscript printer driver installed and selected.


Generates an Index from the data held in the document. The index is generated using the Save as dialogue box, which works like other 'save boxes'. EasiWriter Professional writes a text file with each index entry marked with the source page or list of page numbers on which it was found.


The Contents command scans through the document looking for Chapters and (optionally) Sections. It generates a page numbered text file which can be saved into the originating document or a separate document or Edit file if required.

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