View menu

The View menu contains commands that let you alter the scaling of a document, show or hide rulers, scales and pictures and go to a specific page in the document.


The Scale command leads to a dialogue box where you can change the magnification of the document in the range 10% to 999% by either:

  • Editing the existing value.
  • Clicking the up and down scroll arrows.
  • Clicking Zoom to fit.
  • Clicking one of the preset scale buttons.
    Note: The bottom right scale button is set to the value that fits the width of the document into the window.

If Scale to fit has been clicked the size of the document is adjusted so that a page fits in the window. If the window is subsequently resized the document size will be automatically readjusted to fit.

Button bar

Shows or hides the button bar.


Shows or hides the horizontal and vertical scales.


Shows or hides the ruler.


Shows or hides the light grey line that indicates the limits of the typing area.


Show or hides any pictures in the document. Hiding pictures speeds up scrolling and uses less memory.

Index entries

Adds or removes a blue background on all index entries.

Go to page...

Choose Go to page... to bring a specified page into view. A dialogue will appear where the required page number can be set.

The Go to page command can also be useful to determine which page number you are on if you want to start printing from a particular page. Choose Go to page... (or press F5) and the page number will be displayed.

Note: The page number displayed is the number of pages from the first page in the document which may not be the same as the number in the Header or Footer.

Scale units

This command leads to a dialogue box where you can set the units of measurement used for the horizontal and vertical scales:

Units Description
Imperial Inches, eighths & tenths
Metric Centimetres, millimetres
Points 1/72"
Picas 12 points
Corps Didot point
Cicero 12 corps
Custom User definable in points

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