Undo command

The Undo command lets you undo the effect of the most recent change made to a document, which is normally displayed in the Undo submenu.

When it is not possible to undo an action, then Can't undo is shown and the command is dimmed. After Undo, the menu item will change to Redo.

The Undo menu has a submenu which can contain the following depending on the last action:

  • Typing
  • Page set up change
  • Style change
  • Backspace
  • Font change
  • Size change
  • Case change
  • Justify
  • Colour change
  • Picture change
  • Move tab
  • New tab
  • Tab change
  • Left margin movement
  • Right margin movement
  • Indentation movement
  • Column resize
  • Country change
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Structure commands
  • Format commands i.e. spacing, borders
  • Text commands i.e. type style, emphasis
  • Search commands
  • Add to Index...
  • Delete index.

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