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EasiWriter has a powerful spelling checker that is capable of checking documents in a number of different languages, even if the languages are mixed within the same document.

Any textual part of a document can have a language assigned to it and it will be checked against the appropriate dictionary, or, if the dictionary is not available it will be ignored.

EasiWriter is normally supplied with the appropriate dictionary for the country in which it is sold, but the following dictionaries are available:

Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian , Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, UK English and US English.

The ligatures fi and fl will be treated as fi and fl for spell checking purposes.

Check all

This command checks the spelling of the entire document.

Check selection

This command checks the spelling of the current selection.


This command checks the spelling as you type. A beep will warn you of words that EasiWriter does not recognise. Use the Correct... ( F9) command to see the misspelled words.


If mistakes are found while typing, the Correct... command becomes active. Choosing it opens the Spelling dialogue box.

Spelling dialogue box

The spelling dialogue box opens automatically if a mistake is found using the Check all or Check selection commands or can be opened using the Correct... command.

The dialogue box shows:

  • The number of words checked.
  • Number of words to be corrected.
  • The language being used.
  • The questionable spelling.
  • A list of suggested alternatives.
  • The context(s) in which the questionable spelling occurred.

You can click on an alternative word to select it or make your own corrections in the writable icon where the questionable word is displayed.

Four buttons are provided:


Replace all instances of the questionable word with the highlighted guess or if a change has been made in the writable icon use that word as the replacement.

Note. Before accepting a word typed into the writable icon it will be rechecked. If not found in the dictionary you can:

  • Click Learn to add the word to the user dictionary.
  • Click Ignore to accept the original word.
  • Hold down Shift and click Replace to force the correction to be made.


Return to the document without making any further corrections.


Accept the questionable spelling without adding it to the user dictionary. To permanently ignore a word hold down Shift while clicking Ignore to assign the language attribute None to the word.


Accept the questionable spelling and add it to the user dictionary. (See Exceptions in the EasiWriter menu for details on editing the user dictionary).

Change language

If a word in another language appears in the text you can use the Country pop-up menu to apply the country attribute to that word. It will then be checked using the appropriate language dictionary if it is available. If the dictionary is not available the word will be ignored.

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